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2017 - 2019 NLDP Graduates In The News…


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Joe Black –


Jeremy Langham -


Rahim Basit - 


Mordecai Cargill - 


Christin Farmer - 


Robert Gatewood -, 2017,  "Full Spectrum: GamerHaven brings a multimedia creative hub to Cleveland's East 185th St."


Allosious Snodgrass -, 2017"Cleveland Heights council appoints 15-member Charter Review Commission"


Diana Sette -

The News-Herald, 2018, "Tree Corp Program in Cleveland Pays Participants as They Learn Community Forestry"


Delesia Robinson -

Freshwater, 2019, "Two Fairfax Innovators Prove That Ideas Can be Homegrown"


Tonya Perkins Stoudermire -

Spectrum News 1, 2019, "Bessie's Place is Safe Haven for Young Women in Need"



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Fasi (Linda Thomas Jones) -


Jeremy Langham - 


Kenneth Perdue -


Chrishawndra Matthews -


Waverly Willis - 


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Christin Farmer –


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