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One of the ways NLDP’s impact is measured... by understanding the direct and ongoing community engagement of its graduates. With over 250 graduates, more than 97% of NLDP graduates are still engaged in activities to improve their community.

Watch this video and listen to what NLDP's Graduates have to say about the program.

In many ways the conclusion of NLDP’s eleven month, sixteen session program creates a new beginning for program participants…that new beginning is as a NLDP Graduate.

The Neighborhood Leadership Development Program offers a Graduate Support Program (GSP) that provides graduates the support needed to assist in their leadership efforts. NLDP wants to ensure that the graduates are supported in a variety of ways that include networking and social events along with annual leadership capacity building sessions.

A unique feature of NLDP’s GSP is the Graduate Support Manager (GSM). The GSM provides support and resources to NLDP graduates to enhance the development of their leadership skills and expand networking opportunities to address graduate needs on new or emerging issues related to leadership. Understanding and utilizing the NLDP Network of 253 NLDP graduates increases the opportunity our grads have for success with their various projects. 

Because the NLDP Graduate Support Program values our graduates, we have been working with the help of the Graduate Support Committee to usher in a new era of post graduate development.  The NLDP Graduate Support Committee will work to drive change in Cleveland by inspiring and empowering all program graduates. 

Services of the NLDP Graduate Support Program include:


Ongoing Coaching

NLDP graduates receive a minimum of two coaching sessions per year. Flexible scheduling is available from our program coaches.


Graduate Support Grant Program

The Graduate Support Grant Program assists and supports NLDP graduates by providing support for their leadership efforts as they promote and execute their neighborhood projects. Additionally, the purpose of NLDP's Graduate Grant Program is to provide an opportunity for NLDP graduates to learn the skills of grant seeking and grant administration, including grant writing, grant implementation, and grant reporting. Watch this short video to learn more about NLDP's Graduate Grant Program.


Graduate Board Match Program 

The Graduate Board Match Program (GBMP) seeks to match NLDP graduates to the Boards of Directors of Non-profits in Cleveland that are in need of community-based leaders to serve on their Boards.


Fireside Chats 

Fireside Chats are designed to provide opportunities for continued leadership skill development. Once per year, a well known leader from Cleveland discusses his or her leadership styles and philosophy.


NLDP Graduate Online Skills Bank

The Skills Bank is a compilation of the community development skills possessed by the program's graduates.  This document is becoming a resource referral for graduates and community leaders alike.


Social and Networking Events 

Several social and networking events are offered throughout the year. These activities provide NLDP graduates the opportunity to stay in touch and updated on the progress they are each making in their neighborhoods. In addition to the NLDP public Facebook page, we have a group Facebook page exclusively for NLDP graduates which continues to grow.


NLDP Newsletter 

The NLDP e-newsletter is published three times per year. It features program updates, participant updates, and provides a listing of various activities going on in Cleveland that may be of interest to community leaders. Email with subject line "Newsletter" to subscribe.



We are definitely "in the know." Many grads have been referred to various leadership education and networking events in the community in order to make their projects or programs more sustainable.