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2017 - 2022 NLDP Graduates In The News…


Newspaper, Magazines, & Online Articles


Joe Black –, 2017, "Cleveland Police Recruits on 'Reverse Ride-along' Meet the People They'll Serve & Protect"


Jeremy Langham -, 2017, "Jeremy Langham Wins Accelerate 2017 Civic Pitch Competition"


Rahim Basit - 

Freshwater Cleveland, 2017, "Street Level 'Voices and Vision' Inform Cuyahoga Arts and Culture's Next 10 Years" 


Mordecai Cargill - 

Freshwater Cleveland, 2017, " 'Year of Awareness' Sessions Examine Impact of Racism on Low Income Neighborhoods"


Christin Farmer - 

Cleveland Magazine, 2017,  "Fighting Infant Mortality Requires a Neighborhood Approach"

Cleveland Scene, 2017,  "Cleveland's Infant Mortality Rate, Especially Among African-Americans, Ranks As Poorly As Third World Nations. Christin Farmer and Her Team Are Working to Change That."

Freshwater Cleveland, 2019, "Local Black Babies Are 4x as Likely to Die Before Age One.  This Clevelander Is Saying "No more"


Robert Gatewood -, 2017,  "Full Spectrum: GamerHaven brings a multimedia creative hub to Cleveland's East 185th St."


Allosious Snodgrass -, 2017"Cleveland Heights council appoints 15-member Charter Review Commission"


Diana Sette -

The News-Herald, 2018, "Tree Corp Program in Cleveland Pays Participants as They Learn Community Forestry"

Flying Horse Farms, 2021, "Healthcare Heroes - Diana Sette, Horticulturist"


Delesia Robinson -

Freshwater Cleveland, 2019, "Two Fairfax Innovators Prove That Ideas Can be Homegrown"


Tonya Perkins Stoudermire -

Spectrum News 1, 2019, "Bessie's Place is Safe Haven for Young Women in Need"


Yvonka Hall -

Freshwater Cleveland, 2020, "Babies & Brunch Delivers Meals Amidst Coronavirus in Cleveland", 2020, "Yvonka Hall Brings Food, Necessities to Cleveland Families During Coronavirus Pandemic: Homegrown Heroes 2020"


Kenneth Perdue -

Freshwater Cleveland, 2020,  "Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Celebrates Black-led Arts Organizations"


Letitia Lopez -

Freshwater Cleveland, 2019, "At a Newly Madeover Miss Latina Image, a Cultural Celebration of Womanhood Takes the Runway"

The Land, 2021"Julia De Burgos Celebrates New Digs in Brooklyn Centre Neighborhood"

Freshwater Cleveland, 2021, "Unidos por el Arte Shines Light on Local Latinx Artists"


Jerome Baker -

WKYC, 2020, "Dads Making a Difference: Cleveland Man Uses Love of Fatherhood to Mentor At-risk Children"


Chrishawndra Matthews -

Good Morning America, 2020, "Mom Hands Out Thousands of Free Books to Kids to Help Prevent 'Corona Summer Slide'"

WKYC, 2021, "Kelly Clarkson Gives 'Bookmobile' to a Local Woman"

VoyageOhio Magazine, 2022, "Rising Stars: Meet Chrishawndra Matthews"

The Kelly Clarkson Show, 2022, "Cleveland Mom Hands Out Over 100,000 Free Books With Literacy In The H.O.O.D. Program"


Chanell Boyd -

Freshwater Cleveland, 2020"New Collinwood Mural Reflects Modern-day Community Hope"



Freshwater Cleveland, 2019, "How NLDP is Helping Community Leaders Harness Their Superpowers for Powerful Change in CLE"


Ricardo Reinoso -

Freshwater Cleveland, 2020, "Appetite for Change: Cleveland Dinners Strives to Give Everyone a Seat at the Table"

The Land, 2021, "Cleveland Dinners Brings People Together for Honest Conversations About Race"


Ariana Johnson -

Freshwater Cleveland, 2020, "Newly Minted Black Diamond Foundation Aims to Support the Black Community, Kicks Off with PJ's Drive" 


Laylah Allen -, 2021, "Four Community Organizations Show 'Love On All Fronts' by Supplying Care Packages for 150 Youth"

VoyageOhio Magazine, 2021, "Community Highlights: Meet Laylah Allen"


Dameyonna Willis - 

Spectrum News 1, 2021, "Queen in Quarantine Building Confidence in Young Girls"


Becca Britton - 

Cleveland Magazine, 2021, "Cleveland Pet Guide: Neighborhood Pets Provides Free and Low-Cost Services to Pet Owners"

Freshwater Cleveland, 2021, "Neighborhood Pets Set to Double in Size After COVID-19 Unleashes Need for Affordable Pet Care"

The Land, 2021, "Neighborhood Pets Expands to Help More People – And Their Furry Friends"


David Van Horn - 

Spectrum News 1, 2021, "Parts Shop Promoting Community, Creativity Through Upcycled Art Supplies"


Alex Robertson - 

Cleveland Magazine, 2021, "Recess Cleveland Reimagines the Way Kids Play"


Carl Ewing - 

Channel 19 News, 2021, "Clevelanders Celebrate Juneteenth at the African American Cultural Gardens with Caravan"


Anita Gardner - 

The Cleveland Observer, 2021, "Local Activist Literally Knocked Down Walls to Create a Safe Space"


Toni White - 

Freshwater Cleveland, 2021, "In Her Own Words: A Journey Toward Racial Reconciliation and Eliminating Systemic Racism"


Barbara Anderson -

News 5 Cleveland, 2021, "Meet the Woman Behind the 'Free Store' on East 65th Street"


Mary Williams -

The Land, 2021, "Coalition Against Gun Violence Demands Solutions from Local Officials"


Waverly Willis -

Nick Cannon Show, 2022, "Barber Saves Lives One Haircut at a Time"


Chinetha Hall - 

VoyageOhio Magazine, 2022, "Daily Inspiration: Meet Chinetha Hall"


Sharon Core - 

The Land, 2022, "Slavic Village Gardens and Green Spaces Bring Beauty While Solving Vacant Lot Problem"


Cherise Kent - 

The Land, 2022, "Slavic Village Gardens and Green Spaces Bring Beauty While Solving Vacant Lot Problem"


Veronica Walton - 

The Land, 2022, "Purchase of Farm-to-Jar Food Company Aims to Boost East Cleveland Economy, Black Entrepreneurship"

Fox 8, 2022, "New Day Cleveland: Winter Gardening"


Demetrius Williams - 

News 5 Cleveland, 2022, "Beat the Streets Cleveland Chapter Uses the Art of Wrestling as a Tool to Help Teach Kids Life Lessons"


Odetta Fields - 

The Land, 2023, "Slavic Village Residents Spearhead Community Resource Center on Fleet Avenue"



Fasi (Linda Thomas Jones) -

 Cleveland 19 News, 2017, "Competition Gives Entrepreneurs Chance to Launch Ideas to Improve Cleveland"


Jeremy Langham - 

 Cleveland 19 News, 2017, "Accelerate 2017 Winner Wins Seed Money for Special Brewery"

3WKYC TV, 2017, "Cleveland Leadership Center and Citizens Bank Present Accelerate 2018"


Kenneth Perdue -

 News 5 Cleveland, 2018, "Local Man Pushing Kids to Stay Out of Trouble Through Rollerskating." 


Chrishawndra Matthews -

 3WKYC TV, 2018, "Boys Do Read: 8 Year Old Boy Starts Reading Movement"


Waverly Willis - 

 News 5, 2018, "Cleveland Barber Changes HIs Life from Homeless Addict to Inspire Thousands" 


Becca Britton - 

 3WKYC TV, 2019, "Community All Stars"



Podcast & Radio

Christin Farmer –

 Neighbor Up Spotlight Podcast, 2017, "Birthing Beautiful Communities" 


Jeremy Langham - 

 Ideastream, 2017, "Accelerate 2017 Winner, Finalists Share Ideas to Better Community"