Who We Are

A Connection for Community Change

The Neighborhood Leadership Development Program (NLDP) is an ever-growing network of community change agents working at various levels of neighborhood impact.  While some have just begun on their leadership journey, others have been entrenched in making positive change happen for decades.
Every Summer, NLDP puts out the call to find its next cohort of burgeoning neighborhood leaders.  Maybe you will become a part of the NLDP Network, too, if you:

  • Think you are a leader, and want to improve your leadership skills.
  •  Are looking to better articulate your vision and mission so that you can influence the actions of others.
  • Are interested in getting feedback and support in your community work.
  • Would like to collaborate with others who are committed to making Cleveland a better place.
  • Are ready to commit to a 16 session, 11 month program that increases your leadership skills, resources and knowledge.

The Neighborhood Leadership Development Program (NLDP) is offered without cost to qualifying individuals. The program provides participants the tools needed to become more effective leaders in their neighborhoods. These tools are in the form of knowledge, experience and a network of dedicated Clevelanders. Around twenty engaged leaders from Cleveland and its inner ring suburbs are selected annually for each cohort which begins in August. 

Our Mission is to enhance the diverse leadership abilities of engaged Clevelanders who are committed to creating a city and region which works for everyone.

Our Vision is to foster the growth of a new vanguard of engaged neighborhood leaders in the City of Cleveland and its inner ring suburbs who are prepared and committed to creating progressive change in a variety of areas throughout Cleveland and the region.

Listen to graduates speak about their NLDP experience.